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A chamber cast is a must. There were many, many chamberings used in black powder cartridge rifles in Europe prior to the drive to standardize, each with its own bullet diameter, case dimensions, rim diameter and thickness.

I often have people bring in their old "family heirloom" rifle to find out what kind of ammo to shoot in it (often they are disappointed to find out it's unavailable). I recently went through this with an acquaintance who has had this old European double rifle sitting around for 20+ years and finally got the itch to shoot it (he owns and shoots several old BP cartridge rifles). Proof marks say French from the 1880s. Chamber casts showed fairly standard 11X60Rmm (11mm Mauser) case, but with a .424" groove diameter barrel (which translates to .020" case neck thickness). We were scratching our heads until we just shrugged and said "load it up!"
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