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Personal taste but I myself have always preferred revolvers . . . but then I'm an old fart. We grew up in the days when our heroes all used revolvers . . . today, the younger generation have grown up watching most of their rough and tumble favorites using semi-autos.

I have had and have a number of semis and revolvers. I really never thought about it until now, but I have traded or sold off semi-autos . . . I've never sold or traded off any of my cartridge revolvers. I may have a few favorites but in essence, I love 'em all.

My biggest disappointment is when I go into a gun shop and they have display cases up the wha huzzie filled with semi-autos and maybe one or two that have a few revolvers in them. I like the more vintage Colts - Army Special, OP, etc. and when I ask a clerk if they have any, I get these strange looks like "what kind of nut are you" . . . old fashioned I guess. However, when I have run across them, I'm amazed at how someof the more common ones are over priced.
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