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The G30 was my favorite, just not any fun to feed Ammo cost and all that sort of excuses. It seems if I have any pistol other than a 9mm it doesn’t get fired as much. I’ve stayed with the G19 as my personal favorite and I’ve played more now. The 45 in my name came from the G30 I passed my second Ccw test with. Everyone else there paid $600 and up for there Guns but me and one other guy here a G36 and my G30 had the best scores (he beat me by 10 points) and we both paid below $450 for our pistols. They are great guns but I’m not good for more than 60 rounds with a .45. I know I’m just getting older.
5.56x45, .243win, .308win,8x57mm, 9x19mm,.45acp, .357mag,9x18mm .380acp, .410, .50bp, 12ga.
I would like to see a modern 7x57and 8x57 in my safe.
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