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As is often the case nowadays--I ran out the door forgetting my handloads next to the press--but fortunately I had some American Whitetail cartridges still in my range bag so I was still able to test the new BCG.

The American whitetail had also formally show signs of over-pressure in my gun--but after installing the Faxon BCG they all disappeared: flattening of the primer, flattening of the head stamp lettering, incipient failure line at top of web, ejector scrape extensive gas leakage--all these signs were gone. Also, the BCG failed to lock back at the previous setting and I had to turn it back clockwise a half turn to get it to start locking back again. Without a doubt, gas pressure/bolt thrust have been significantly reduced. Is it conclusively because of less headspace due to one or two thousandths of an inch closer bolt breech face? I can't say for sure--but I strongly suspect that whatever reason the case is getting a better seal and case support, at least with the hornady factory ammo. I'll try to get out and test my own loads once our brewing storm passes.
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