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Some more interesting results/comparisons I did on fired brass.
Because I have nearly a thousand virgin cases--I've simply been grabbing new stuff and using it.

I decided to take some fired brass from both my handloads and the hornady factory American Whitetail and do some handloads with both of them. The starilne stuff, except for the asymmetric compression of the rim in my higher power loads, for the most part retained it's length and head dimensions. The hornady factory brass, did not show any signs of asymmetric compression in the rim. However, two things did seem unusual, the case lengths varied widely from roughly 7.04 all the way out to a full 7.10(!). I assume this reflects case body flow from firing. Also, Hornady appears to use some kind of primer crimp, but I haven't verified that with them. Just like with NATO 5.56, I had to use a primer pocket swager in order to get the small rifle primer to seat.
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