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Already thought about the roll thing and tried it--bit hard to be certain since a) it's a rebated rim; and b) the taper of the case imparts a bit of a turn. I took a much closer look at the fired American Whitetail--and while the signs are not as nearly pronounced as they are in my handloads using starline brass, they are still there, a noticeable flattening of the primer and rim face and a clear incipient separation line on some of the cases at the top of the web. One thing I'm pretty sure--between the headspace slack and the depth of the radiused chamfer at the the chamber face--it is definitely possible to move chamber support of the case past the top of the head of the case, at least in my set-up. I talked to Faxon today and they indicated they are interested and willing to work with me on resolving my issue; despite the fact they (very understandably) have no warranty for proper functioning with hand-loads, just like everyone else. I told them I was interested in exploring a bit less clearance in bolt face to the barrel's extension, and after doing some math over the phone it seems that their own bolts are made to tighter tolerances than "your average everyday 5.56 bolt." Besides that, they guarantee their bolts to work with their barrels, so I went ahead and bought one of their BCG's.

As for mixing the powders up--I have done that very thing in the past and had a REAL big Kaboom when when I touched off a cartridge releasing over 150,000 psi! Since then I have designed a "preflight" procedure for checking out one keg at a time, checking it off on the load chart before loading begins and then checking it again before loading into the powder hopper. Not foolproof, but pretty close.
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