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I called the fine folks at Faxon this morning to see what I could find out about the barrel. The tech guy I talked to said their barrels were tested with the factory ammo available--which is 8 cartridges; 2 by hornady, 4 (they've added a subsonic) by winchester and 2 by federal. Understandably, he said they don't account for hand-loads in their development. I told him about my anomalies and he was at a loss to suggest why they might be happening--though he did say he personally didn't have their test pressure data available when I asked about that. I then asked about the rational for the gas system chosen--and was told that is the one they settled on as being most reliable to successfully cycle across the range of ammo from subsonic to supersonic--and also work with suppresors. I then asked if they tried a longer system (less dwell time) and he said yes, they did, but could not get reliable cycling even with maximum gas port diameters. He said the timing issues tended to be more problematic the larger the bullet, which makes sense.

The conversation ended with him offering to take the barrel back if I was unsatisfied with it--and I told him I couldn't find anything out of spec with it, so I didn't think that would be fair--plus I'm obsessed with figuring out why/what the problem is.
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