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Originally Posted by Jacket67 View Post
Hey TFL,

I'm pretty much set on the Glock 30 gen 4 being the next gun I pick up (unless a gen 5 drops between now and then). Ever since getting my Ruger SR45, I've come to love the .45acp for how fun it is to shoot and honestly how well I shoot it compared to other calibers. That said, I started looking into compact/mid-size options and came across the Glock 30. I went to Academy and got to handle one and the gen 4 just fits fantastic in my hands. I love that it takes the g21 mags (and extended ones) and I fully plan to get a pcc in .45 soon thereafter to share the mags with it (likely CMMG unless Ruger creates a PC Carbine in .45). I also would entertain the idea of getting a 10mm conversion kit if I find myself hunting out west at some point.

Ok, short story is over.

For those that own or have experience with the Glock 30, what are your thoughts? Any suggestions or input on preferred ammo, holsters, upgrades, etc.? I'd love to hear anything you have to offer!

Thanks in advance.
I like the 30. I have an SF. I like it, I shoot it well. Like was mentioned earlier, holster options are somewhat thin compared to the S model. I carry OWB in a Bianchi Foldaway when I carry it.
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