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These are my Glocks. (The Glock 30 is on the bottom left). All mine are Gen 3 guns, including the Glock 17-L, Long Slide that is missing from this photo.

The Glock 30 is typically boring reliable, like most Glock's are. But it is quite large for a compact. As you can see in the photo, with the exception of it's shorter handle, it's footprint is almost as large as my Glock 19. Which is in the middle on the right.

The gun is very comfortable to shoot, and has very good ergonomics for a compact pistol. As much as I love the 1911 platform, I won't own a chopped, Mini 1911, because they are horribly unreliable. The Glock 30 is just the opposite. And reliability is a must in ANY concealed carry weapon. The Glock 30 delivers it.

All my Glocks are factory box stock, and will remain that way. The reason is 99% of the time I'm at the range, and I see someone having problems with a Glock, it's almost always because of some aftermarket part they have installed on it. Glock engineered these guns correct at the factory. And I've found after tens of thousands of rounds through 7 guns, over a period of years, that's the best way to run them.

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