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A couple of thoughts:
  1. A properly fitting cast bullet will clean the lead buildup out of a barrel too - you don't have to shoot jacketed.
  2. Usually there is a bit of experimentation required to find the load recipe that won't lead. My goto in 9mm & 45acp is a relatively slow powder pushing an 18bhn bullet relatively fast. Trying to go fast with a fast powder most always produced flame cutting (i.e. leading in the 1st inch past the chamber).
  3. Lubes matter. My favorite was 45/45/10 Lee's alox, Johnson's Paste Wax & mineral spirits. But I usually only bothered tumble lubing 44 mag fodder. I've heard great things about powder coated bullets and they're on my todo list once my current stock is exhausted.
  4. Like others, I've shot a lot of lead out of stock Glock barrels.
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