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Pontification :I'm not sure about this one day lead bullet don't work. My best guess on this situation is the use of store bought conventional lead bullets. When responses are polarized there is some factor missing in the discussion. The main culprit is too soft and/or too small bullets. These latter conditions are a real set up for gas cutting. Basically, if one keeps doing the wrong thing wrong result will happen. Note the consistency of replies of those who successfully use lead bullets. Gotta a LW 10mm barrel for a G20 forsale cheap here.

I'd be willing to shoot 100 rounds in my G20 and mail it to Unclenick for his assessment. This lead bullet warning may be a subtle way of saying no reloads. I have not seen factory ammo for self-feeders lately with lead bullets. Again, If you do not feel safe with lead bullets do not use them.
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