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Can lead build up to blow up a gun? I have seen some terrible leading. It looks like the fouling builds up to a point. I have heard of heavy lead build up in front of the chamber. Also lead build up on top of the lands. The lead builds up to significant smaller than bore diameter. These reports come from those running circles with hair afire. You can kinda sort through and figure who's making unattributed quotes from the net and those who successfully load lead bullets in Glock's. I personally think any normally safe gun that is blown up had to do with faulty cartridges as in a double charge or similar.

Addendum: My G21 shoots semi-cutters like a champ. That would 452460. No problem with lead. Also, for 40S&W and 10mm the Lyman 401638 runs very well in my G23.4 and G20.3. Wheel weights are too soft-water quench.
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