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From my reading of more unbiased research on gun attitudes, I take away that if you ask generic questions:

1. The majority of Americans support the right to self-defense with firearms.
2. The majority want measures to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals and those with severe psychological problems that predict violence

It is still really unknown if there is wide spread support for an AWB, mag limits, higher cap guns limits or the like. Those opinions can be so swayed by the question and a moral panic due to an event.

A prime example is Trump and bump - he panics.

So, having some kind of bland gun at home is probably ok with the majority of Americans.

I also don't think SCOTUS will overturn the myriad state bans despite the fantasy of Kavanaugh being the messiah or Moses of gun rights, leading the court to overturn all those existing lower court decisions.

Last, the professional gun rights organizations are fairly clueless on a persuasive message on why the higher cap guns should be protected for folks outside of the committed. Nor do they have a strategic view on expanding support for such outside of the already committed.
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