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Originally Posted by rickyrick View Post
Yes, freedom is what everyone decides it is. These days, the extremists get to decide for you.
They are attempting to ban items people have safely owned and used for well over a century.
It is getting well beyond ridiculous now, but it’s just the way the country is going.

Most of the country’s gun owners feel comfortable with the freedoms that they currently enjoy. It’s only temporary. Your gun rights will go too.
5 rounds magazines and twenty rounds a month is ludicrous, but it will pass; maybe not in the legislature but certainly when given to the people to decide.
The American people simply doesn’t want guns in private hands.
Yup, in some places but short of storming into the streets gotta be that person that does his best to support those you agree with and try to get them elected=democracy..

Most americans favor some of the same things..
Many gun policy proposals are politically divisive, but there are some on which Republicans and Democrats agree, according to the fall 2018 survey. Around nine-in-ten Republicans and Democrats (both 89%) say people with mental illnesses should be prevented from buying guns. Nearly as many in both parties (86% of Democrats and 83% of Republicans) say people on federal no-fly or watch lists should be barred from purchasing firearms. And majorities of both Democrats (91%) and Republicans (79%) favor background checks for private gun sales and sales at gun shows.
I don't think
The American people simply doesn’t want guns in private hands.
IMHO, Of course.

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