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Years ago there was some sort of measurement that had the PROSTAFF scopes light transmission around the highest. Sadly, I don't have any other info except that the coating's on Nikon's PROSTAFF line allow for excellent light transmission. I would think that the larger obj on the 7's would be even brighter. Sadly I do not have the data to back it up, but I am checking in to it. Some coatings decrease light transmission albeit slightly. The PROSTAFF's do as well, just less than others. While the coatings are better on the PROSTAFF 5 and MONARCH 3 line, their light transmission is slightly less, maybe even almost unnoticeable to the average person.

Just spoke to my buddy who recalls the same test that showed Nikon's PROSTAFF line having 98+ light transmission. Sorry I can not find the details to back it up right now.
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