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I've said a couple of thousand times that aiming for what are believed to be lethal zones is pointless if you don't know where they are. Everyone should learn the basics of human torso anatomy, because a shot to the heart that wasn't aimed at the heart isn't going to do what you hoped it would do. Where is the heart, is it really under your right shoulder, like you learned in sixth grade science? How about the upper reaches of the lungs? Kidneys, liver? Spleen? Arteries? Do you truly know where you should shoot to incapacitate a hoodlum from loss of blood, or damage to the CNS?

If given a silhouette target very few people would be able to chart the important points. Shooting paintballs at a bare chested man, I believe that almost nobody would actually mark those few lethal targets.

Learn your targets, understand where to shoot, then aim directly for that lethal zone, not center of mass. Center mass below the sternum is mostly guts. If you aim about seven to ten inches below the chin you stand a really good chance of a truly disabling shot from either blood loss, lung or heart destruction, spinal damage, or even severe damage to the joints and bones of arm or shoulder.

I know that 3D deer targets have been a common thing for years, many people spend the time to learn where a bullet will go when a shot isn't directly to the side of the body. We often assume that we are going to be presented with either a perfect side shot on a game animal, or a perfect frontal shot on an attacker. Bad assumptions. There is a video from youtube that shows some basics.

I don't believe that shooting for the hip is a remotely good idea, unless the guy is in a speedo the hip joint or bones will be disguised in clothing. A person should aim for the prostate, and hope to break either spine or pelvis.
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