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I think if you look at Nikon's new product's for 2018 you will see a lot of products that you guys have been asking for from Nikon for a long time. More MOA/MRAD options, more 30mm tubes, and glass upgrades. I have been doing freelance work with Nikon's for almost 10 years now and I have watched the changes and perceptions. I can assure you when it comes to low light visibility Nikon's PROSTAFF line is rated at the top. Many guys don't get a chance to hunt more than a few days a year and don't see the upside in spending more $ and often times that $ just isn't there for a hobby. Nikon's give you a lot of value for what you have to spend and I think you will be seeing even more changes that you will like for 2019. If any of you ever have an issue with a Nikon product or a question, feel free to drop me a note. If you want to see Nikon's new flagship scope, check out the BLACK FX1000. I recently bought 2 and pinging steel at 700 yards with a 6.5 cm wasn't difficult at all.
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