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Bullet testing

We had a few minutes yesterday and shot the 10.5" 300AAC with Hornady 190 grain subsonics and Sig 187 polymer tipped subsonics. At 100 yards there was no appreciable difference in accuracy but big diff in bullet performance.
The Hornady expanded to approx 1/2" before petals started breaking off and drove through 3 water filled one gallon jugs. Not quite as good as I'd hoped but definitely make in/out holes in a deer.
The Sig was a bit puzzling until I realized it was tumbling not expanding. Didn't retrieve any bullets as they exited in random directions starting with jug #2. Relegated to "other uses" as this is simply unacceptable. Both rounds were "ear safe" out of the Harvestor but the Hornady was slightly quieter.
Sitting beside the shooter looking through the spotting scope, I could track the bullets from about 25 yards in front of the muzzle all the way to impact-like a tracer.
Also tried some 6.5 Grendel Federal Fusion MSR. Quite surprised at that performance. Far more explosive initial expansion than expected yet 4 jugs didn't stop it. That's a solid 200-250 yard deer/coyote whomper although accuracy would be the limiting factor for longer ranges. 1.5-2" groups don't make for a long range coyote rifle. I'm hoping this improves. This barrel has only 40-50 rounds through it and maybe will get a little better.
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