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There may be things that will change it but I cannot fathom what they are. My list is relatively short: I won’t stand and watch you harm my children (my wife has demanded this not apply to her as one of us needs to survive). I will not, unarmed, get in a car by the threat of force, I will not prone out (I will sit). Effectively I will allow a lot but I’m not willing to be left with only begging or hoping someone saves me. Might I lose? Because I am not responding immediately to force (the guy waiving his gun around for instance I let do his thing) immediately I may be at such a disadvantage it’s inevitable. I have no idea how I respond to getting shot but if it’s like taking a hit in a fighting sport I may still get a few shots off - I can be stubborn. I’m comfortable with my mortality. Because I figure certain things are near death sentences anyways, or worse than death, I’m willing to accept the long odds and take the chance

The funny thing. I’m probably one of the last to actually employ force short of those lines. The use of force may be justified and unavoidable at times but I still see it as a tremendously negative act to be avoided at nearly all costs

Edit: it sounds macho and maybe it’s the fact that I am not staring at a barrel but the saying goes “I’d rather die standing than live on my knees”. I don’t take it that far but there are limits
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