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I think that a person can have tenets of personal safety and not be "inflexible" or too "rigid" in their thinking. Its all part of coming to terms with what you are willing to do to protect yourself and its probably a good idea that those things get worked out well ahead of the attack that you hope never comes.

In regards to violent criminals

I agree with Lohman.. there are certain things that I already know I am not willing to do. I am not going to be transported by criminals, disarmed by them, isolated or proned out on the floor. I will fight rather than submit to any of those things and I accept that I may lose the fight. If I lose, I will lose on my terms and not sit idly by while some criminal decides with impunity what they are going to do with me. In my mind there are no absolutes in regards to these sort of responses, there is only a spirit of the rule where final actions are generally based on the nuances of the moment.
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