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For me I have clear lines where that is simply not going to happen.
Nothing personal here, but if the lines are too clear, they become too inflexible. If your thinking becomes too rigid, you take the risk of not being able to think clearly when a situation is just a bit off from the predetermined action.

If you knew that police were on the way, could hear the sirens, would that change things? If you were alone, or with your children, how would that change your response? are there any reasons that you can think of that you wouldn't decide to lie down with your hands behind your back, or is that a solid, simple rule that won't ever be broken? maybe there are things that would change it, don't lock yourself into a possibly unwise decision because of rigid thinking.

It may have been 100 years ago that my aunts and an uncle were playing soldier. he had stolen my grandfather's farm gun, probably a rimfire. He decided to execute his prisoners and shot my aunt in the head.

In that case, I agree, laying down with her hands behind her head was an unqualified mistake.

As far as I know, she still had the bullet in her head when she died a few years ago. she was a little weird. I suppose my uncle had to have skin grafts on his hind end.
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