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it's no surprise that there is so much disagreement here. People all have different psychological makeup. Twenty years ago I was not the same guy I am now. I am much cooler headed. Back then, I am almost certain that I would have heart shot the guy when he lowered his gun, the guy would have never had the chance to use his mace. Boy, that would have been a bad idea, the current version of myself thinks.

Some people by nature are terribly conservative and slow to act on serious matters, some people even have a psychiatric disorder that prevents them from making any decisions at all, a total avoidance of committing to a decision. Some people just have the tendency to "let's not be hasty".

Others are all action, there won't be a decision left alive at the end of the day. Move, move, move, fly by the seat, move on to the next question, don't have time to use a turn signal, thank you. The hurried, reckless type have far too much confidence and if a person fits that description, there is a lot of introspection called for.

Call it the "cowboy" if you want. The cowboy and the weenie are both wrong. Many people find themselves in situations that call for quick decisions, the weenie may lose his entire fortune because of a week's dithering over a stock. The cowboy may lose his entire life because he hasn't given due consideration, and jumped on what was the obvious solution (as it was presented to him).

Calling in a plumber for an estimate, the first one is going to do everything possible to seal the deal. Lots of people go off half cocked, and don't ever get competing bids.
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