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1-9" twist has been a "standard" in the USA for many years in the 6.5MM barrels and I have shot the 160s (both Hornady and Sierra, now discontinued) for many years in 6.5-06 and in 6.5X55s. It's always been fine to any range, so with the 1-8" twist it's not going to be a problem out to any range the bullet will stay supersonic. I wish Sierra would bring back their round nose bullet.
PPU offers a 156 grain round nose too. I have 500 of them for my gun, but so far I have not loaded any. I also have no feed-back from anyone using them to kill game with, so I don't know what they will do. I got mine from Graf and Sons. My 1903 Mannlicher-Schoenauer is an iron sighted rifle and my eyes are not young anymore. So I can't really do a good test of them for accuracy. On a good day when the sun is out,if I have a good rest I can still shoot about 2MOA, but if it's cloudy I fall apart without a scope.

I am going to barrow a 260 and a 6.5 Swede soon to test some other bullets, and both of those rifles are scoped. So I may have some info on the PPUs accuracy, but I have to wait until a deer, elk or antelope cooperates to give any feed back on how well they work on game, and for me here in Wyoming, I expect that's going to be at least 9 more months.

But those bullets are not expensive and may be well worth a try in your Creedmoor on hogs. Round Nose bullets are not "new and improved" so the rags don't give much ink to them anymore, but in my 50+ years of killing game I have found a lot of RN bullets have been outstanding both in accuracy and in their killing qualities.
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