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Okraknife, YouTube is your best friend. There are tons of videos on how to process deer and hog. Some will show you the method where you only gut in the field, skin back at camp, and debone/process at home. Others, will show you the process I use where you skin and quarter in the field and then debone/process at home.

In both cases, the principles are the same:
1. Use SHARP knives.
2. Keep the meet clean of dirt, leaves, hair, etc.
3. Get the meat chilled ASAP. Heat is your enemy.

Most new home processers keep things simple. Don't try to cut fancy steaks and roasts. Leave that to the professional butchers if you really want them. You'll be able to cut simple roasts and steaks with a little video education but beyond that, I personally think it is easier to just grind it.
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