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Sounds like the next opportunity would be Sept. 20 - right?
Absolutely correct!

Target distances - how far is typical? What are min and max target distances?
Gun selection - I would probably use either my 6" 686 or 5" 625 in a first match. Sound reasonable to you?
To avoid having to buy 3 more speedloaders to start, can I use the 625 with moon clips? This would make it a Limited Division gun, right?
If moon clips are OK, can I put them in a simple pouch on my belt?
Holster - what do you recommend as an inexpensive way to start - maybe around $50?
During the course of fire, do you holster before moving to the next box?
One more question - is all shooting two-handed?
Targets are from2 yards out to 25 at a typical match.
Either gun will do.
625 will put you in the limited division
Moon clips /speed loaders must be carried on the belt per the rule book. Simple pouch will work for the moon clips.
Inexpensive holster will work.
Usually the only time you holster hot during a stage if it is in multiple strings of fire.
As in other discipline's free style(2 hands) strong hand, weak hand is used.
Most of the stages are free style and every once in a while we throw in weak hand strong hand.
Here is the link to the ICORE web site rule book. Nice and simple about 17 pages
and the home page,

The September match is a Postal Match like IDPA does. The stage designs are on the web site to give you an idea of what to expect at the match with regards to distance and such. Stage description's are under the pictures of the stage as well as round counts for the stages. You do not have to be a member of ICORE to shoot the Postal match or our monthly match.
We also mix in steel with the paper targets at the monthly matches.

I'll PM you with my phone number if you would like to chat about the match
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