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Don -

This looks really interesting. A shooting buddy and I might be interested in attending, I'll ask him this weekend. Sounds like the next opportunity would be Sept. 20 - right?

A limiting factor for us is travel time - it's about 85 miles one-way.

Questions after reviewing rules -
  • Target distances - how far is typical? What are min and max target distances?
  • Gun selection - I would probably use either my 6" 686 or 5" 625 in a first match. Sound reasonable to you?
  • To avoid having to buy 3 more speedloaders to start, can I use the 625 with moon clips? This would make it a Limited Division gun, right?
  • If moon clips are OK, can I put them in a simple pouch on my belt?
  • Holster - what do you recommend as an inexpensive way to start - maybe around $50?
  • During the course of fire, do you holster before moving to the next box?
One more question - is all shooting two-handed?

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