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That's a long drive from Wyoming or a revolver match or I'd be there.

I love revolvers and love ICORE, our club use to shoot ICORE but everyone went the semi route for some reason.

I still shoot revolvers in USPSA, they do have a revolver division..............yeah right, the last two USPSA matches I shot I was the only revolver shooter so my scores get dumped in with everyone else's.

Which doesn't really matter I guess, It is hard to compete since I have three reloads to most peoples one reload.

When the results are posted, I disregard the times and look at the hits. I'm at the bottom of the list over all, but when I look at hits only, I'm close to the top.

In the long run it doesn't matter I guess, I shoot for fun and I think revolvers are more fun.

I guess its a throw back from my cop days. REAL COPS CARRY REVOLVERS.

I said that at my last LEOSA qualification where I smoked the auto shooters. They a young lady "in training instructor" her reply was REAL OLD COPS SHOOT REVOLVERS".

Anyway if I ever get to Florida I'll look up your ICORE match.
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