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I've given this a passing thought when hunting as well. But in the end I always conclude that carrying two long guns while stalking/hunting would be too much of a pain. I do however carry a pistol along with my muzzleloader when deer hunting as a quick follow-up shot if necessary, which seems I seldom need. I could see having a couple of long guns in a blind or if on a stand when you are in a mixed shooting situation. To carry two, one gun would need to be slung across the back or over the shoulder to keep it out of the way of the one you're carrying. However, when stalking through brush I almost always have to take the gun off my shoulder due to it catching on low branches. Dealing with brush and branches while carrying two guns? Maybe this is why Savage (and some others) came out with their combo rifle/shotguns. The .22/410 version makes an excellent small game gun.
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