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This is great......

The H&R has no model # on the thop of the 28" barrel it says 16 Gauge CHOKE it has a rear tang lever and no extracter. The serial # is on the gun three time; inside the trigger guard on the top, on the barrel, and on the bottom of the gun. Harrington and Richardson Worchester, Massachusetts on the side with some numbers almost unreadable 426927100 (I think}, exposed Hammer, overall lengthis 43" with Black hard rubber? butt plate with round H&R logo

The Winchester has a round 20" barrel, standard opening lever, plain walnut stock,no hammer shoe, plain checkered metal but plate

The colt barrel is 6" overall length is 10"

The H&R is a 10% gun
The Winchester is 85% gun
The Colt is a 95% gun

I really aprreciate your help!!!!!!!

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