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Tallison: From the serial number, your Colt Match Target left the factory sometime in 1949. This would place it as a Second Model Match Target.

BTW: Harley, R.L. Wilson shows that there were three models of the Match Target Woodsman. The Match Target was not the same as the Target Woodsman. Ordinary Woodsman pistols with 6" to 6.5" barrels were titled the Target Model, while those with 4.5" barrels were known as the Sport Model. The Match Target possessed a heavier barrel, enhanced sights, and other features depending on vintage.

The First Model Match Target pistols (aka: Bullseye Model) used the serial prefix 'MT'. Production ran from 1938 to 1944 with production of around 15,100 pistols. The Second and Third Models of the Match Target shared serial numbers with the post-WW2 Sport and Target Woodsman pistols. The Second Model Match Target ceased production around 1955 and serial# 147138-S. The Third Model Match Target started with serial# 160001-S. Total production of the Second and Third Models is believed to exceed 100,000

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