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H&R Made many sngl bbl shotguns. Can you provide a little more infor.
Exposed hammer?
Side lever opener?
Rear tang lever?
Auto extractor?
What's the bbl length?
Please provide any markings, names etc., on the gun.

The Winchester is pretty much the same; Could you provide the information inscribed on the rifle.
Is the barrel;
Large opening lever?
Hammer shoe, (extended to one side or the other)?
Color or type wood on the stock?b
does it have an medallions on it?

There are several issues of this pistol.

COLT Woodsman Trget Model Automatic:

First Issue.
Cal. .22 LR (Reg. Velocity) 10 shot magazine 6 1/2" bbl, 10 1/2" overall. Adjustable sights, blued finish. Checkered walnut stocks. Made from 1915-1932.. NOTE; The mainspring housing of this model is not srong enough to permit safe use of high speed ammo. Change to a new hear-treatment mainspring housing was made at pistol #83,790. Many of the old models were converted by installation of new husings. The new housing may be distinguished from the old bythecheckering in the curbe under the breech. New housing is grooved straight across, while the old bears a diagonally checkered oval.

Same basic design as the Woodsman Target. Regular or high speed ammo. 10 shot mag. 6" flat heavy bbl. 10 1/2" overall, click adjustable sights ranp forn sight. Blued finish, Checkered plastic or walnut stocks. Made fro m1948 to 1976

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