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Lemme see if I can do it from (fading) memory:

Place the bolt and carrier assembly on the table with the back of the bolt carrier on the table and the bolt head pointed skywards. The bolt head should be on the left and the guide tube of the carrier to the right.

Making sure the rollers aren't in the locked mode, grab the bolt head and twist it 90 degrees counterclockwise. Now, pull the bolt head straight up and it should separate from the bolt carrier.

Rotate the locking piece 180 degrees such that it's locking lug disengages from the locking lug recess of the bolt carrier. The locking piece should be lifted straight up. The firing pin and firing pin springs should come out now and you're finished with the field strip.

Reassembly is in reverse. Note, when you push the bolt head all the way down, the rollers should pop out into the locked mode. No biggie, this is normal. Simply pull the bolt head just far enough for the rollers to unlock. Now, rotate the bolt head 90 degrees CW and you're ready to drop the assembled bolt/bolt carrier back into the receiver.
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