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Here is the way i see it. I think you have a product that some will buy. However even with disclaimers and liability insurance that does not mean you will not get sued. Anyone can sue and I can assure you some attorney will find a legit reason your product is unsafe and I would hate to see anyones fate in the hands of a jury that may rule a judgement higher than your liability insurance and you loose everything you have. And with this design I can clearly see this happening. I dont think it will take a rocket scientist to see this is a accident waiting to happen. I do wish you the best in your venture but feel your risk are way too high on this. I have a digital safe next to my bed I can reach over and key in the code in total darkness in seconds out of a dead sleep. You can ask my wife I have done it several times when she has woken me saying she heard a noise or I woke up for one reason or another. I think with self training and close location of a secured firearm you would be MUCH better off than with a design like yours and a lot safer. Just my $.02
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