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I'm so so so sorry but i have to...

In all seriousness though, I think this is a bad idea as you would have to permanently fix the pillow to the bed so you'd know what side of the pillow the opening is on. That and the ability for it to snag in the pillow, etc just seems like a very elaborate and somewhat iffy to a problem that is better served by good locks, a loud alarm and a great dog (dogs in general all are, except the tiny yippy ones. Also, lets not overlook that there are generally more than one pillow on the bed (My beautiful wife has decreed that here should be more pillows, I think we are up to 5 now). "stay right there while I try another pillow!" oh yeah, sleepwalkers should probably stay away too.

But other posters hit the nail on the head, its your product and business, i neither gain nor suffer from your endeavor, but my opinion is that I think it would be of dubious benefit, and that the lawyers would tear the waivers you'd have people sign to shreds
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