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What's your favorite (non organic) thing to shoot at?

I introduced my new girlfriend of only a few months to shooting and she LOVES it!!! Unfortunately she lives 300 miles away. I temporarily relocated while i'm getting my P&C License (I'll move back in a few months) But until then she comes to visit me out on the ranch. We enjoy plinking at paper targets and jugs of water in the pasture. She enjoys the kick of the high caliber rifles and most of all, the feeling of accomplishment when she see's a water filled milk jug detonate.

My question to you seasoned vet's is, what target gives you the most satisfaction and response? I'm using .308, .22, 7.62X54r, .40, and shotgun (everything from slugs and .00 all the way to 7 or 8 shot)

I've got wood to blow holes in, jugs to pop, paper cut outs, and metal pieces to knock over but I want COOL stuff. I was thinking about taking a milk jug and filling it with flour. Maybe it'd act like water but you'd get more than one shot out of it. I'm looking for DIY ideas like that.

I don't have computers or anything like that to destroy, and i've only got a week to prepare (she'll be here on the 20th)

Also what are some fun competitive things we can do? Last time i set up distanced targets and gave her 5 rounds and said, they are worth 25, 50, 100, and 200 points the further you go out, choose your shots wisely.
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