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I often hear if it's not a five shot group it's just a string .

What if your gun only holds 4 rounds ? is a 4 shot group good enough ?

What about those guns that only hold 3 rounds or even 1 do you just keep loading till you hit five ?

How long do you get to shoot this group ?

Can you let the barrel cool a bit then finish . i.e. shoot 3 let it cool down a little then shoot the last 2 .

I alway thought you must shoot them all in a row . Maybe not fast but lets say 5 shots in 20 to 25 sec for it to count as a group .

I also don't think it's fare to ask a gun to do something it was never designed to do . A light weight sporter barrel was not designed to shoot 5 shoots rather quickly . As the barrel heats up the 4th and 5th shots are bound to open up a bit .

These target here tell me my ruger American is a sub MOA rifle . Who says yes and why , who says no and why . They were shot on different days at different times with different lot # ammo . Total time for all three shot , no more then 30 sec

If Jesus had a gun , he'd probably still be alive !
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I've seen Metal God shoot...….I seen him shoot groups so tight you would swear only one round was fired. He once lit a wooden match at 15 feet for a birthday cake.

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