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Dating a Browning BPS Special 12 ga Field Model Trap

I found a thread on this forum from years ago asking for help figuring out what model and year BPS the gentleman had.

From that thread, I was able to determine that my BPS is a TRAP model with a Modified choke (two asterisks), but I have yet to determine its manufacturing date. This is how the two sides of the barrel read:

Right side: ** BPS SPECIAL STEEL 12GA - 2-3/4" AND 3" FIELD MODEL - 28"
Left side: Browning Arms Company Morgan, Utah & Montreal, P.Q Made in Japan

There is what appears to be a serial number stamped on the right side of the receiver just above the trigger, but it doesn't match any Browning serial number configuration that I was able to find - 02553RP112. (??)

Also, it has an adjustable setting for Single shot or Repeat shot at the rear of the slide action, on the bottom, just in front of the load/ejection port.

It was handed down to me since I am the only woman in my family who hunts or shoots. I had the stock custom fitted to me and added a cushioned recoil pad. The gunsmith was in awe of it and offered to buy it if I ever decided to sell it. Makes me think it has some value? Is there any other way to date this gun and find its worth? I'm gathering values on several of my assets (jewelry, etc.) for insurance purposes.

Any information you fine folks could provide would be greatly appreciated!
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