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The point of that kind of question, in court, is to elicit an answer that can be made to support your argument. And, it's kind of the "magician's force" sort of thing.

If the answer is you chose FMJ bullets, then the prosecutor points out to the jury how they "penetrate through people" and therefore, using them shows a "reckless disregard" for the safety of others.

If the answer is soft points or hollow points, then the prosecutor points out how those bullets cause huge horrifying wounds, and so your intent was to kill people, because "regular" (fmj) ammo wasn't "deadly enough" for you!!...
I provided good answers that will bypass that sort of nonsense.

This isn't really complicated at all and there are simple approaches to dealing with the situation and for answering questions that arise.
The military also (generally) adheres to a Hague convention that prohibits the use of anti-personnel ammunition with expanding bullets that cause unnecessary suffering -- which is generally interpreted to mean no hollow-point ammunition.
Another great reason (just one of many) not to get involved with discussing what the military issues as ammunition in the context of a self-defense case.
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