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I have several Vortex Crossfire IIs 4-12X40 BDC, that i regularly use.
Good for the price. Longest deer taken with it is 413 yards. One shot.

Don't waste your money on the Diamonback series. For double the price, optically no better than the Crossfire II.

I also have a Sightron Field Target 4-12X40 with MOA2 retical. Optics wise it's a little brighter than the Crossfire II. It is one of 3 Sightrons i own.
4-20X50 STAC, and a SIII 10-50X60 LRTD being my others.

I also have a Burris Fullfield 4.5-14X40. Really clear glass!
I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one!

One i'm looking hard at lately is the Crimson Trace Hardline!
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