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The "good years" of milsurp 8mm (and most other calibers) meaning decent quality, reliable, available, and cheap, ended a long time ago. Today, since no major military has used the 8mm Mauser round since the 50s about all that is left is the bottom of the barrel stuff mostly from 3rd world nations, and there's no telling HOW it has been stored in the years since it was made.

There are only two things you can count on with "surplus" 8mm Mauser ammo.
#1 It will be corrosive primed
#2 It will be Berdan primed and therefore essentially, non-reloadable.

If you aren't a reloader, consider it. Reloadable (Boxer primed) brass and ammo is still available, though not like it once was in these shortage plagued times.

And while the militaries considered stripper clips to be throw away items, if you take a little care with them Mauser type stripper clips can be reused for many years.

I have a Yugo 48, also a VZ-24 and a Mauser 98k currently, and have owned dozens of Mauser 98s over my lifetime.

You really have to work at it to break them, but you can ruin them easily with neglect. ASSUME any ammo not made in the US after the 1950s to be corrosive primed and clean the gun accordingly and it wiil be fine. Don't, and you may find it badly rusted before you realize it.

Hope you can find ammo at a price you can afford, but I have no idea where that is, these days.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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