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Learning the smith trade

When it comes to learning the trade of gunsmithing, which method is money better spent?

Option A
Buying projects to work on and learn how to do the work, by actually doing the work. Gathering information from available sources like books, videos, the internet, etc.

Option B
Signing up for courses like those offered by SDI or AGI. These courses because of a limited budget.

Either of these would then be followed by apprenticeship or internship under an actual smith if available, doing dogwork at a shop and building experience and skills actually working the job.

As a potential consumer of such a service, I personally would rather go to a person who has actual hands on experience and relevant examples of work completed. A certification is a nice piece of paper but is no substitute for experience. I've learned as much by applying to jobs related to the four entertainment business degrees I've accumulated from formal college.

I've been doing my own work on my own firearms for a few years now, and I'm a hobbyist machinist, self taught.

So what do you guys think?

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