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It certainly is possible something about your technique is the root cause.It may be that a diagnostic target can help.
However,maybe not.

For me.a Shield has a skinny little grip that MY large hand did not find a home with.I went 9 .C.
You MIGHT find Talon grip decals helpful. If you ignore where your group is,are you shooting a good,consistant group? If you can shoot to the same spot every time,you CAN drift the rear sight for right/left.Shield sights don't move easy. I'd figure out a depth mic measurement to the sight and calculate the correction .
If your groups are loose,work on technique.A "coach" may see what is going on. If you are shooting good groups,change (drift) the sights

It mighr be that 115 gr vs 124 gr vs 147 gr loads will make a difference.

Point:Whether its you or the sights,you CAN get the windage calibrated.

Elevation? Its low?. Heavier bullet? Are you using 6 oclock hold? Try center hold. See where that gets you.
A Shield trigger takes some skill and focus.Some dry firing may help.There are drills,such as balancing a dime on the front sight,which can help.

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