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First, note DAB's post.
If you have a handgun allowed by the rules, start out with it and save that $600 for ammo and entry fees.

If the choice is between M&P and PPQ...
I don't think I have seen a PPQ at an IDPA match, but that doesn't mean it would not be competitive if you prefer it. I have a Plastic M&P but would look hard at the PPQ if buying new, versus Glock or XD.

The larger magazine capacity of the M&P is no advantage in IDPA, you are limited to 10+1 at most. Price and availability of magazines is a small factor, you must have three and more is nice but not essential. Just keep them on your gift list until you have accumulated enough for your shooting style.

My M&P went to Dan Burwell before Apex started coming out with aftermarket parts. I have only seen a couple of guns with Apex drop-ins. One was very nice, the other is not what I would want, but the owner seems happy with it.
I have not heard of gunsmithing or non-Walther stuff for the PPQ. What Walther provides is what you shoot.

Either would be suitable for USPSA Production as well as IDPA SSP. You would need more magazines for USPSA, their courses of fire are usually longer than IDPA's.

Sorry I can't pick for you, but they are equivalent guns in a hotly contested market. You might see if you can get a look at a Sig P320 and H&K VP9 while you are at it. They are striker fired plastic 9mms and are operationally equivalent to PPQ and M&P.
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