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Hornady Superformance ammo used to be called Lite-Magnum. It's hot ammo to start with.

Hornady discontinued the "Light Magnum" ammo years ago. They were having over pressure problems and the ammo was unsuitable to be used in semi-auto rifles.

The Superformance ammo is not the same. It isn't developing over pressure issues and they claim it is safe for semi-auto's. I'm not sure, but my guess is that they have formulated a type of powder that is slower burning than normal to give more speed without raising pressure excessively.

And a 16" will always give lower velocities than an 18".
There is more difference between individual barrels than 2" of barrel makes. Now if you start with an 18" barrel and cut it to 16" lt will always be slower than before. But there are too many other variables when you start comparing 2 different barrels. An individual 16" barrel could be 50 fps
FASTER than another 18" barrel, or it could be 100 fps slower, or the same.

My fastest 308 is a Tikka CTR with a 20"barrel, it runs about 20-30 fps faster than the 22" Winchester. And the 22" Winchester is always 20-30 fps faster than the Kimber, The Kimber is almost 50 fps slower than the Tikka even with 2"more barrel.

My Winchester 30-06 with a 22" barrel is consistently 60-90 fps faster than the Remington 30-06 with a 22" barrel.
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