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Where are the instructions for the new form?
Right there next to "Race" on question 18.b and on page 4 of the 4473.

I didn't say this was anything new. My point is that we see more and more interracial marriages and relationships these days, but the 4473 doesn't provide a way to address the offspring of such marriages and relationships.
It sure as heck does.
Mother is Black, Father is half White, half Asian?..........buyer can select Black/White/Asian if he so desires.

The current form doesn't offer "Non-Binary" as a choice for gender, either. If they're going to revise the forum to add a spurious gender option that doesn't exist in the physical world, it seems to me they could (and should) also revise it to add a race choice for something that occurs quite often in the real world, and isn't scientifically invalid.
First, the Form 4473 doesn't ask for gender, but sex. And the instructions on the new 4473 say "Individuals with neither male nor female on their identification documents should check Non-Binary. To me that means if your DL says "male" and the buyer checks "Non-Binary" or "Female".....they did not answer according to the instructions.

Again, you think "Multi" should be an option as a racial group but are ignoring the obvious options to choose multiple races.....Thats ""Multi"
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