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44 AMP Dogtown, can you explain how a sale can proceed if the information on the 4473 and the buyer's ID do not match??
As stated in the instructions on the 4473, the dealer must establish the identity, place of residence and age of the transferee/buyer. The buyer must provide a government issued photo ID that shows name, address and date of birth. A combination of government issued documents may be used. So, if the DL doesn't show current residence address?......bring another gov issued document like a motor vehicle registration or utility bill from any GOVERNMENT entity that has the buyers name and current residence address.
There is no requirement to have your race/height/weight match whats on your ID and no requirement to provide a document that verifies those. But the transferee/buyer is certifying under penalty of law that their answers on that Form 4473 are true, correct and complete.

I'm not trying to yank anybody's chain here, I'm not in the business, and I really don't know what allows what seems to be common sense... I can understand some leeway, possibly for simply checking the wrong box by mistake and correcting that, but don't ATF inspector consider errors in the paperwork something they can cite dealers over?
Sure, ATF will cite any error or omission by the dealer.....but neither ATF or myself have any idea what race or ethnicity your momma was, and we don't weigh and measure transferees either.

Is there a level of "mismatch" that is acceptable?
"Mismatch" isn't involved, merely having certain information provided. Now....if the buyer's ID shows a different birth date, different spelling of the name and his photo isn't him.....yeah thats a big nope on getting a gun.

Dealers who tell buyers filling out a 4473 "Make sure everything matches" are complicit in a felony if what the buyer writes down is not truthful. I've had buyers write down the address on their license and then tell me "I just moved" Well, bub, thats a the form says you have to write down your current address. I kicked a lawyer out last summer for wanting to argue over the meaning of the word "current". (he didn't want to take the time to update his drivers license with an address change and did not have alternate documentation)
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