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I am not sure that Savage is "Bad" for anything. When I am not busy it is nothing for me to go through a few hundred rounds in a week.

The 20 inch barrel is a turn off for me, because of the loss in velocity. With the 6.5 Creedmoor and the loads/powder I have been using I benefit a great deal from the longer tubes. To the tune of 50 fps per inch or more. This is from a small batch of rifles, but 3 22 inch barreled 6.5 creedmoor rifles, 2 with a 24 inch barrel and 1 with a 26 inch barrel show a pretty linear increase in velocity using Reloder 26 powder I have been shooting.

The 24 inch tubes were on average 80-110 fps faster than the 22 inch barreled rifles with identical loads. The 26 inch tube was an additional 75 fps faster on average from the two 24 inch tubes. Maybe this is a fluke, but I'll stand by the data that I have collected myself.

I have no doubt that the 20 inch tube will get me to 1000 yards. I do however know that a shorter rifle is not what I am looking for.

If I was looking for a .308 Win the 20 inch tube would not bother me. The larger bore and faster burning powder will show less loss than the 6.5 Creedmoor with a slow magnum powder.

What do you mean by "Best Bolt"? Like do you mean stronger, smoother, tighter tolerance? What about that bolt besides the extractor make it superior to all the others? The Ruger has a non rotating claw extractor. I find it hard to believe that any extractor setup would be more reliable than that.

I have noticed problems with the Ejector on some Savage rifles when running hot loads, but the only one I have ever broken was replaced by Savage in less than a week. How long would I have to wait for a replacement part From Beretta? I assume Beretta imports those rifles? Will I have to pay for international shipping? Will I be able to get someone on the phone in the case that I have a problem? I am sure the Tikkas are fine, but just not what I am looking for. In fact I plan to buy a Tikka T-3x in 30-06 next week for a Project a friend of mine and I are working on. We are buying Standard walnut hunting rifles from many manufacturers and making detailed comparisons on value, accuracy, quality and what not. I guess I will see how the Tikka compares to the others then.
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