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Davidson Defense - don't waste your money.

I made the terrible mistake of placing an order with Davidson Defense . I ordered a pair of ambi charging handles. They arrived in a timely manner, but they're absolute junk. They're pinned together, the pins are falling out and the handles are falling off. D.D.'s shipping label says I need to contact them within 48 hours of receiving the item to request a return authorization, which I did. I've also called multiple times, am usually on hold for 30+ minutes and eventually get a recording that says "we"re busy, call another time". I did manage to get someone on the phone during one call, promised to email me a return label, and never received it.
Their customer service is terrible and their products are junk.
Spend your hard earned money elsewhere.
I eventually had to call my bank and report the charge on my card after two weeks of trying to get a return authorization from davidson defense.
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