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I don't mind the Deerfield with only a 4 round mag, but it's too short. If they re-design it it should be made long enough to take a Keith style Lyman ()4294521) SWC. That's as long as any 44 bullet made and so if it will take the Lyman 4290421 it will take any other bullet too. Give the barrel a twist somewhere from 1-18 to 1-20 and all the complaints about Ruger's previous 44 carbines would be "cured".

Then bring out a lever action that uses the same mag with the same twist.
But the rifles I would REALLY like to see would be a line of pumps. 22LR, 327 Fed Mag, 357mag, 41 and 44 mag. Then a different one made for 308 length shells fropm 243 to 2548 and maybe even a long version that takes 30-06 length from 25-06 to 9.3X62
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