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Originally Posted by bamaranger View Post
Thinking that the problem has top be the new barrel. Either bent or out of line from the attachment lug (?) back to the breech somehow. I could also be bulged by some type of obstruction shot out of it. I'd borrow another barrel, or swing by a shop your on good terms with, and swap a few barrels on and off to see if the guns function correctly with another tube.

Is the longer barrel indeed "new"? There's been a lot of talk about Remington's quality slipping in recent years. I could see how the lug gets welded on off square somehow and whopper jaws things. It's a little more difficult to understand how a barrel could get bent in the rear portion above the mag tube, but stuff happens.

Only other thing I can think of is that there were lightweight barrels that may or may not interchange on a std receiver, but I am not certain about that at all.
Thanks very much for the reply.

The 20" barrels that came with the shotguns both work perfectly and they both work perfectly on either gun.

It's just the new barrel doesn't work on either gun, so I agree, it's got to be the barrel. I don't see any wear marks on the lug or anything that touches the receiver. I'm convinced it's the forend/barrel interface.

The only other thing I can think of is that maybe a factory "non-tactical" forend might be the ticket. Since I want to convert one gun back to a sporter-type configuration anyway, I may buy a used stock set somewhere.

We'll see.
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